Term & Conditions.


Refund Policy

Tuition fees are not refundable after 5 working days of the start date of the course, except from following cases:

  1. The course is terminated by the academy due to reasons beyond our control, e.g. a strike, severe weather, transport condition etc.
  2. Student has missed more than three classes in a row due to an illness and an appropriate doctor note is available.

Students eligible for a refund will be refunded the fees for the classes they have not attended only. A copy of the enrolment receipt must be attached to the application.
Please note that should a particular class be cancelled for reasons like bad weather conditions causing a transport collapse, the academy will reschedule the class for a later date. In such case the end date of the course may be moved forward.


Student Absences and Consequences

Please be aware that if a student is absent from the class for 3 times in row without informing us of the reasons, the student is liable to be withdrawn from the course and will be likely replaced by a new student. No refunds are available in this case.


Admission and Alterations of Courses

We reserve the right to accept and reject the admission to our courses, relocate or re-schedule classes, replace the teacher or amend course length. An appropriate notice shall be given to students in such an event.