Our teaching and management team are all highly talented. Coming with strong academic background from University of Warwick and University of Oxford, our team holds great achievements in educational tutoring and management.

It is of vital importance that we have the best methodologies to guide our students. However, what really sets us apart from competitors are our passionate team which commits to student success. Our core values are integrity, professionalism and passion for our students’ success.

Meet Our Faculty Members

Ruixue Wang

Ruixue Wang

Senior teacher

Ruixue Wang was born in Tianjin, China. She received her bachelor’s degree in English and International Business at Tianjin Foreign Studies University in 2006.

Four years of Consulting and Customer Service experience in Wall Street English, a global educational organisation, has galvanised her interest in education. Hence, Ruixue moved to England to accomplish her master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Management at the University of Warwick in 2010. She was also commended for her research on: To What Extent Can the Language School be Considered as an Effective School, Who Are the Coaches for School Leaders, What are the Main Barriers to Women in Educational Leadership and Management, Gender and Leadership Style in an English Language School in China.

Owing to her years of consulting experience and adaptability to a fast-paced working environment in London, she was competitively selected to open a new direct marketing company in Manchester with a management team of four in 2011. With another year and a half managerial experience as a Sales and Marketing Training Manager in CM3, Ltd., Ruixue’s capability in consulting, marketing, coaching, recruiting and problem solving skills have been extensively polished. Her ambition and determination of helping people gain valuable skills via education never vanished but motivated her to become the founder of GoChinese Mandarin London.

Ruixue believes that with a positive work attitude, a superb work ethic and a genuine heart to address customers’ needs and most of all to apply the professional solutions, GoChinese will be recognised and endorsed as the leading Mandarin courses provider on the UK market. Her goals in the coming three years are to establish three more centres in Manchester, Newcastle and Birmingham.

Ms Lu Li

Ms Lu Li

Senior Mandarin Teacher

Ms Li was graduated in one of the best Universities in China in teaching Mandarin as a foreign language. And she obtained the Master’s degree in Educational studies in The University of Warwick, 2011.

Alongside Ms Li’s 3 years tutoring experience in China, she took Mandarin tuition as her career for another 7 years after her Master’s degree in UK. She developed the broad set of teaching skills cover all four learning area: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Also she is fully qualified to teach different levels of Mandarin as required. Effective bilingual communication (in English and Chinese) is her advantage to teach and communicate, more accurate and more efficient with learners and clients. She is considered as being a smart and warm person as well as sociable.

“I would do work of the highest standard which is my core value at everything I do.”, said Ms Li.
Ms Li’s expertise is on children learning, aged 3-18 yrs old.