General Mandarin

General Mandarin

We believe that the four language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing, are related to each other, even though they can be learn acquired at different paces.
We aim to integrate the training of the four skills by practising a large amount of exercises, many of which incorporate authentic materials. Exercises like phonetics practice, listening to native Mandarin speakers’ conversations, reading and writing Chinese characters and articles etc.
Courses are comprehensively designed to help students understand Chinese culture, furthermore to master essential skills to survive and succeed in Mandarin speaking environment.

Learning materials: Chinese in Steps series


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General Mandarin

Course Units

Beginner level topics: (Course Units)

greeting (including ‘how are you?’, thank you, goodbye, you’re welcome);
introducing ourselves and asking for others’ names;
introducing a third person;
introducing where we come from and profession;
asking others for similar details;
stating and asking the date, month & day of the week;
taking and asking about people’s age & birthday;
expressing one is doing something at a particular time;
talking about what one likes or dislikes doing anything;
talking about what one can do or should do;
talking about one’s favourite sports;
ordering food & drinks in a restaurant;
talking about your likes or dislikes for certain food;
learning to use Chinese measure words;
talking about your family;
saying if you’re thirsty, tired or busy;
offering food or drinks;
talking about or comparing weather in different seasons;
making comparisons & giving suggestions;
talking about going/coming somewhere to do something;
expressing how to go/come somewhere

Lower Intermediate level topics:

asking & giving directions of the location of something/someone;
asking about prices & bargaining in Chinese;
learning Chinese currency;
learning to tell & ask about the time;
asking when shops/services open & close;
seeing a doctor;
expressing how long it takes to get to somewhere;
expressing a change in terms of state or condition;
contrasting the states of affairs in the past & present;
asking about exchange rates & how to exchange currency;
talking about currently/past/future continuous activities;
expressing indirect disagreement;
talking about two concurrent/consecutive activities;
talking about past experiences & an imminent future action

Intermediate level topics:

passing a telephone message;
apologizing formally;
expressing an action involving direction;
expressing an action with a result;
how to use potential compliment;
using conjunctions sentences;
expressing a statement with a topical comment;
using question words indication inclusiveness/exclusiveness;
use of 的,地,得,着,把,被;
guessing tentatively what may happen or may have happened;
use of passive imperatives in Chinese;
indicating the source of information;
expressing ideas of ‘even more’ & ‘more and more’ in comparison

Advanced level:

It continues to build and develop the linguistic and cultural competences of learners. Furthermore, it consolidates and cultivates such competences of learners by engaging them in various real tasks in everyday life situations.
These levels are designed to cover most key speech patterns, fundamental grammatical knowledge, 880 frequently used characters, and over 2000 words.
With regarding to the Common European Framework of Reference, beginner’s level is aiming to achieve a basic A2 level, which is enough to cover knowledge and skills to prepare for high GCSE. By completing the whole levels, learners should reach a sound basic B1 level as an independent learner, and be able to reach the New HSK (hanyu shuiping kaoshi) Levels 4/5.

General Mandarin


Entry key and information

Awards Go Chinese Mandarin (Beginner 1,2,3; Intermediate 1,2,3; Advanced 1,2,3)
Mode of Study Part Time
Duration 12 Hours (Group), 9 Hours (One on One) Each level
Location London (Various)

Entry Requirements Chinese:

Here are the Chinese speaking entry requirements in order to apply for the General Go Chinese Mandarin Courses:

  • Beginner Course – No Entry Requirements
  • Lower Intermediate Course – 150 Characters/Pinyin
  • Intermediate Course – 300 characters/Pinyin
  • Advanced Course- 500 characters/Pinyin

English Language Requirements:

Entry level requirements are all courses are open to fluent English speakers and English speakers with IELTS level 5.5 (or equivalent).

  • Fluent English Speakers
  • IELTS level 5.5+

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General Mandarin