Corporate Mandarin

Course Overview


Corporate Mandarin

GoChinese is proud to offer our corporate Mandarin course to meet any company’s business needs. Hence, a meeting/consultation is recommended to identify the learning purpose; meanwhile to assess the individual/group starting level.

Our teacher would visit and host the lessons at the company. Attendance and progress reports are evaluated for positive learning result. Our current Corporate courses are held in companies like Ernst and Young, HSBC, Google, Bloomberg, BBC etc.


Learning materials: Chinese Express- Practise Chinese

Chinese Express- Practise Chinese is different from other textbooks insofar as pinyin, Chinese characters and English are used together throughout the whole book. This will suit students who focus learning on listening and speaking as much as it will also suit those who wish to master advanced level reading and writing.

Course Units


Topics include:

  • boarding in airport;
  • checking in hotel;
  • eating in restaurant;
  • making phone calls;
  • going to a hospital;
  • shopping in central malls;

More Topics

  • keeping fit;
  • talking about education;
  • making emergency calls;
  • transportation in Beijing;
  • attending a banquet;
  • talking about touring;
  • at the tea house.

Entry key and information

Awards Go Chinese Mandarin Corporate
Mode of Study Part Time
Duration 12, 24,36 hours
Location London (Various Locations)

There are 25 lessons to suit a course of 60-72 contract hours within one academic year. The layout of each lesson is followed by new words list, short text (reading), situational dialogues, grammar summary, exercises and Cultural insights.

To book your course complete and submit the enrolment form. We will get in touch with you shortly with payment details and course information