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General Mandarin

We believe that the four language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing, are related to each other, even though they can be learn acquired at different paces.
We aim to integrate the training of the four skills by practising a large amount of exercises, many of which incorporate authentic materials. Exercises like phonetics practice, listening to native Mandarin speakers’ conversations, reading and writing Chinese characters and articles etc.
Courses are comprehensively designed to help students understand Chinese culture, furthermore to master essential skills to survive and succeed in Mandarin speaking environment.

Business Mandarin

Business Mandarin courses are provided for those who already have a clear understanding of basic Mandarin conversations and aim to apply Mandarin in a more complex and formal business environment. More speaking and writing skills will be developed in the courses, for example, how to answer a business consultation phone call, how to reply to customer via Email in Mandarin, and how to discuss a business plan with Mandarin native- speaking partners etc.

Corporate Mandarin

GoChinese is proud to offer our corporate Mandarin course to meet any company’s business needs. Hence, a meeting/consultation is recommended to identify the learning purpose; meanwhile to assess the individual/group starting level.
Our teacher would visit and host the lessons at the company. Attendance and progress reports are evaluated for positive learning result. Our current Corporate courses are held in companies like Ernst and Young, Tyrantina, Simmons & Simmons etc.

Bespoke HSK Training Courses

The Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi HSK test, administered by Hanban, is China’s only standardised test of standard Chinese/Mandarin language proficiency for non-native speakers. It approximates to the English equivalent which is the IELTS and TOEFL.

HSK Exam Duration, Vocabulary and Score

Level Duration Vocabulary(words) Total Score Passing Score
HSK Level 1 40 minutes 150 200 120
HSK Level 2 55 minutes 300 200 120
HSK Level 3 90 minutes 600 300 180
HSK Level 4 105 minutes 1200 300 180
HSK Level 5 125 minutes 2500 300 180
HSK Level 6 140 minutes 5000 300 180


Bespoke HSK exam training courses are offered for those who wish to get specialised study and preparation before sitting the exam.

HSK Courses

Go Chinese Mandarin

Our Mission
Creating a fun and result-oriented way of learning to communicate effectively in Mandarin
Offering fantastic opportunities to get an insight into how a different culture works with regular social events
Working with corporate clients to create job opportunities for talented Chinese graduates
Networking with China Culture Connect, Chinese Business Social Network & other organisations to get involved in China-related experience
Bridging UK companies to China market and opening their service/product market in tier1 cities


Flexible lesson hours in Weekday evenings
Tuition hourly rate from £16 within group of 6-10 students
Central London location: 8 mins walk to Holborn Station or 3 mins to Russell Square
High final exams pass rate
Fun social events with our Group


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Our Clients


Tibor P, Marketing Manager, IHG, Hungarian

“For me when I start to learn a new language the teacher is one of most important factors. A good teacher keeps me going, especially at hard time in the beginning. This is even more true for such a language as Mandarin… I must say teacher Wang is a great teacher, and also help me to make a commitment to continue my studies with GoChinese.”

Naomi B., Communications Planning Director at MediaCom Shanghai, British

‘Clear and enjoyable instruction, both in Mandarin and also Chinese life and culture. Our beginner course has come in very useful since starting our new jobs in Shanghai and has provided an excellent base for onward learning now that we are here.’

Amy Jordan, English

Really fun, engaging and interactive lessons. If you’re interested in learning Mandarin and about Chinese culture in general, I would highly recommend GoChinese.

Christian P., Sales Strategy, Google, Dutch/American

“A fantastic classroom experience designed around the way professionals and adults think and learn. Every class has been a rich learning experience with a fantastic mix of instruction and hands on practice.”