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General Mandarin

We believe that the four language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing, are related to each other, even though they can be learn acquired at different paces.

We aim to integrate the training of the four skills by practising a large amount of exercises, many of which incorporate authentic materials. Exercises like phonetics practice, listening to native Mandarin speakers’ conversations, reading and writing Chinese characters and articles etc.

Courses are comprehensively designed to help students understand Chinese culture, furthermore to master essential skills to survive and succeed in Mandarin speaking environment.


Learning materials: Chinese in Steps series


Chinese in stepsBeginner level topics:

dot   greeting (including 'how are you?', thank you, goodbye, you're welcome);
dot   introducing ourselves and asking for others' names;
dot   introducing a third person;
dot   introducing where we come from and profession;
dot   asking others for similar details;
dot   stating and asking the date, month & day of the week;
dot   taking and asking about people's age & birthday;
dot   expressing one is doing something at a particular time;
dot   talking about what one likes or dislikes doing anything;
dot   talking about what one can do or should do;
dot   talking about one's favourite sports;
dot   ordering food & drinks in a restaurant;
dot   talking about your likes or dislikes for certain food;
dot   learning to use Chinese measure words;
dot   talking about your family;
dot   saying if you're thirsty, tired or busy;
dot   offering food or drinks;
dot   talking about or comparing weather in different seasons;
dot   making comparisons & giving suggestions;
dot   talking about going/coming somewhere to do something;
dot   expressing how to go/come somewhere


Lower Intermediate level topics: 

dot  asking & giving directions of the location of something/someone;
dot  asking about prices & bargaining in Chinese;
dot  learning Chinese currency;
dot  learning to tell & ask about the time;
dot  asking when shops/services open & close;
dot  seeing a doctor;
dot  expressing how long it takes to get to somewhere;
dot  expressing a change in terms of state or condition;
dot  contrasting the states of affairs in the past & present;
dot  asking about exchange rates & how to exchange currency;
dot  talking about currently/past/future continuous activities;
dot  expressing indirect disagreement;
dot  talking about two concurrent/consecutive activities;
dot  talking about past experiences & an imminent future action


Intermediate level topics: 

dot  passing a telephone message;
dot  apologizing formally;
dot  expressing an action involving direction;
dot  expressing an action with a result;
dot  how to use potential compliment;
dot  using conjunctions sentences;
dot  expressing a statement with a topical comment;
dot  using question words indication inclusiveness/exclusiveness;
dot  use of 的,地,得,着,把,被;
dot  guessing tentatively what may happen or may have happened;
dot  use of passive imperatives in Chinese;
dot  indicating the source of information;
dot  expressing ideas of 'even more' & 'more and more' in comparison


Advanced level:

It continues to build and develop the linguistic and cultural competences of learners. Furthermore, it consolidates and cultivates such competences of learners by engaging them in various real tasks in everyday life situations.

These levels are designed to cover most key speech patterns, fundamental grammatical knowledge, 880 frequently used characters, and over 2000 words.

With regarding to the Common European Framework of Reference, beginner's level is aiming to achieve a basic A2 level, which is enough to cover knowledge and skills to prepare for high GCSE. By completing the whole levels, learners should reach a sound basic B1 level as an independent learner, and be able to reach the New HSK (hanyu shuiping kaoshi) Levels 4/5.


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Business Mandarin

Business Mandarin courses are provided for those who already have a clear understanding of basic Mandarin conversations and aim to apply Mandarin in a more complex and formal business environment. More speaking and writing skills will be developed in the courses, for example, how to answer a business consultation phone call, how to reply to customer via Email in Mandarin, and how to discuss a business plan with Mandarin native- speaking partners etc.

Learning Materials: A Business Trip to China


A Business Trip to China is designed for learners at a high intermediate/advanced level who have learned basic Chinese in a variety of settings. The lessons feature a series of business conversations portraying a Western businessman's business trip to China.

Themes of dialogues cover:

dot  boarding in Airport & going through the customs;
dot  registering & requesting service in a hotel;
dot  opening an account in a bank & exchanging currency to Chinese RMB;
dot  introduction at first meeting & meeting in progress;
dot  hosting dinner for visitors & expressing appreciation;
dot  negotiating price of a business & closing the deal

 There are 12 lessons with 18-25 hours for half year part time learning.

We employ communicative approach, i.e. conversation- oriented, in order to motivate students to 'role play'and thus grasp the business vocabulary featured in the statistical sections, as well as practical grammar speech patterns. Knowledge of Chinese business culture and economic information are also introduced alongside in a more interesting and engaging way.


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Corporate Mandarin


GoChinese is proud to offer our corporate Mandarin course to meet any company’s business needs. Hence, a meeting/consultation is recommended to identify the learning purpose; meanwhile to assess the individual/group starting level.

Our teacher would visit and host the lessons at the company. Attendance and progress reports are evaluated for positive learning result. Our current Corporate courses are held in companies like Ernst and Young, Tyrantina, Simmons & Simmons etc.


Learning materials: Chinese Express- Practise Chinese

Chinese Express- Practise Chinese is different from other textbooks insofar as pinyin, Chinese characters and English are used together throughout the whole book. This will suit students who focus learning on listening and speaking as much as it will also suit those who wish to master advanced level reading and writing. 

Topics include:

dot  boarding in airport;
dot  checking in hotel;
dot  eating in restaurant;
dot  making phone calls;
dot  going to a hospital;
dot  shopping in central malls;
dot  keeping fit;
dot  talking about education;
dot  making emergency calls;
dot  transportation in Beijing;
dot  attending a banquet;
dot  talking about touring;
dot  at the tea house.

There are 25 lessons to suit a course of 60-72 contract hours within one academic year. The layout of each lesson is followed by new words list, short text (reading), situational dialogues, grammar summary, exercises and Cultural insights.

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Popular Promotion Courses 


To register 2018 New Year Spring term   (HOT Promotion Courses)                      APPLY HERE

Current available Level:         

 Beginner; Intermediate; Advanced level;

 HSK 3 preparation course

Group size:

 4- 12 students
Location:  154 Southampton Row, London WC1B 5JX
Starting Date:

 Spring Term: w/c 5th, March 2018 HOT course

Course length:   8 consecutive weeks (re-schedule for national & bank holidays) 
Lessons time:


 Starting on w/c 5th of March, 2018:

 18:00- 19:30 Mondays- HSK3 preparation (Corporate/London Bridge)

 19:00- 20:30 Tuesdays- Beginner 2 (Corporate/London Bridge)

 9:00- 10:30 Wednesdays- Lower Intermediate 2 (Corporate/Canary Wharf)

 18:00- 19:30 Wednesdays- HSK 3 course (Corporate/Moorgate)

 11:00- 12:30 Thursdays- Advanced 1 (Corporate/Cannon Street)

 16:10- 17:45 Thursdays- Beginner 1 (Private/South Kensington)

 19:30- 21:00 Thursdays- Beginner 2 (Corporate/Canary Wharf)

  9:00- 10:30 Fridays- HSK 3 course (Corporate/Oxford Circus)

 12:00-14:00 Fridays- Intermediate 2 (Private/Canada Water)

 10:00-11:30 Saturdays- Beginner 2 (Corporate/Southwark)

 10:00-11:30 Sundays- Beginner 2 (Corporate/Southwark)

 12:00- 13:30 Sundays- Advanced Mandarin (Corporate/Marble Arch)

 More availabilities coming...



Tuition Fee:


Single Payment

One level lasts one term, and each term tuition fee is:

£268 Beginner 1, 2; (HOT Courses)                                Register NOW:    APPLY HERE                                                    

£278 Beginner 3 and Lower Intermediate 1, 2, 3;

£288 Intermediate 1, 2, 3, Advanced level 1, 2, 3 and Business Mandarin 1, 2, 3

General Mandarin courses: each level lasts one academic term (8 consecutive weeks), and each term includes 16hrs lessons & one set of learning materials (textbook + CD);

Business Mandarin courses: one term group lesson contains 16hrs lessons and half cost of the text book + CD (price ranges from £21-£26).


5- week instalment payments

£70 is required for 2 lessons in advance every other week. For 8 weeks course, first 2 instalment payments are required in first 2 weeks in row, and then every other week .

Learning materials are not included. 

Instalment payments are not applied with other promotion.


Applying for a FREE Trial NOW!

A trial session (£35 worth) is available before the new term starts. To apply for a trial session, please make sure to tick the Trial check box. We will get back to you to confirm your availability.


How to Enrol or Reserve a Trial Session

To enrol submit the online enrolment form. We will get in touch with you shortly with payment details and course information. Please note that a cash payment for the trial session is required on the day before the session. Trial session fee will be deducted when enrolling the whole term.


Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy

Tuition fees are not refundable after 5 working days of the start date of the course, except from following cases:

1. The course is terminated by the academy due to reasons beyond our control, e.g. a strike, severe weather, transport condition etc.

2. Student has missed more than three classes in a row due to an illness and an appropriate doctor note is available.

Students eligible for a refund will be refunded the fees for the classes they have not attended only. A copy of the enrolment receipt must be attached to the application.
Please note that should a particular class be cancelled for reasons like bad weather conditions causing a transport collapse, the academy will reschedule the class for a later date. In such case the end date of the course may be moved forward.

Student Absences and Consequences

Please be aware that if a student is absent from the class for 3 times in row without informing us of the reasons, the student is liable to be withdrawn from the course and will be likely replaced by a new student. No refunds are available in this case.

Admission and Alterations of Courses

We reserve the right to accept and reject the admission to our courses, relocate or re-schedule classes, replace the teacher or amend course length. An appropriate notice shall be given to students in such an event.

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