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Heya! On 19th, Monday @6:30. We are challenging our members to take this 'No English but MANDARIN Only' 1.5hrs practice exercise ! Are you ready to push your limits?????!!!!


The second you step into our classroom 'Mandarin Monster', you are expected to have general conversations with anyone in the room in Mandarin. Body languages, facial expressions, Chinese songs, drawing on board or papers alongsides are all accepted.

Whoever speaks one English/foreign word, would be banned away from 'Mandarin Monster's house- the classroom for 4 mins.

A judge will be wandering around the house to make sure everyone is abiding by the rules. Meanwhile, you can ask judge any questions you are uncertain during the conversation, but only in Mandarin!

More time you stay in the house, more practice you would have with our members and judges.
Members of all levels can take the challenge! Don't be shy or worry that you might not understand what others say! Challenge them to make you understood with the Mandarin you don't understand yet with body languages or drawing etc!! It will work out with a willing heart!

So is Challenge accepted?? I dare you to come AGAIN! Book your seat via our MeetUp Group http://www.meetup.com/GoChinEasy-Chinese-Mandarin-Learning-Group-Holborn/events/218679352/


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