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As the need of Mandarin learning is growing in the UK, there are numbers of language institutes and schools in the marketplace. However, in order to choose the ideal course or school, there are a few steps you can follow:


1. Understanding the process of learning Mandarin
It is advisable to understand that learning a language, not only Mandarin, is the process of inputs and outputs. Inputs include listening, imitating, repeating, confirming, reading etc, while the forms of output are mainly speaking and writing. In other words, it is common to take time and efforts to store the knowledge base and digest the skills, then practice out to verbal and written formats.

2. Being clear of your capability and demands
It is also suggested to be clear of the purpose of learning, a nice family trip to China, a potential strength for future business career, a Mandarin environment to coach your own children, an extra hobby or network tool, a door to a new world for your children etc. Therefore, there will be a specific goal for you to set when choosing your course, and students are more likely to be motivated and committed to participate and fulfil their course, in order to reach their goals.

3. Being direct and honest to your consultant
A professional consultation is suggested before the enrolment. During a consultation, an honest and genuine conversation will help consultant understand your needs and expectations. This is also the best chance for you to know more about the school, the teaching team, facilities, and specific plans with which your needs can be met.

4. What criteria to follow when choosing a school
It is honestly difficult to physically compare a school with another, as it is not the location, the name/title of the school, the decoration of the classroom etc that dictate the learning result, but the effective study structure/methodology, teacher’s adaptable approaching and coaching skills/experience, professional customer services (especially those after- sales, like study assistants following up), and even the positive working atmosphere of the staff will contributes to the success of the whole learning journey. In a word, we advise you to experience a school, i.e. making an appointment for consultation and asking questions.

5. Taking a trial lesson
It is the most reliable way to know the course by getting into the classroom, participating in activities and experiencing the learning atmosphere. You normally can make your decision by the end of the class.

6. Don't think too much and Just Do It
When an idea of learning another skill pops into our heads, which is a positive motivation for our own good, why not just make the plan and take actions? So many students, professionals and parents regret that they couldn’t make time for themselves or their children to develop a competitive skill at their early stage of career or life. Fortunately, it is not necessarily going to happen to everyone. Nowadays, it is very convenient to find services on the website, thanks to the information technologies, then just make an appointment today and make it happen!

To sum up, in order to find the ‘perfect’ school, it is advised to make a consultation, from which the expectations and demands can be exchanged. A professional consultant will tailor your needs and help you make the choice of the course. Moreover, taking a trial lesson is also suggested to know more about the services of the school, which are the key criteria leading to the success of your study.  The last but not the least, make up your mind and Just Do It!
illustration from: blog.k12.com

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